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News/Analysis Corner

Stu Taylor On Business With VERIBANC

  • April 24, 2017 - Stu Taylor introduces wealth and money managers to VERIBANC.

The Rainmaker Companies Introduce VERIBANC as a Banking CPAs Resource Member

  • June 29, 2016, Greenville, RI ‐ The Rainmaker Companies introduced VERIBANC® as a new Resource Partner for their Banking CPAs during The Rainmaker Companies’ Banking CPAs Summer Conference held in Chicago this past June 15-17, 2016. Click here for more details.

A Short REGF Overview

  • The Federal Reserve Regulation F (12 CFR 206) requires that all FDIC insured depository institutions develop and implement internal policies and procedures for managing (identifying and mitigating) exposure, i.e., potential loss, to other depository institutions with whom they do business. Click here for more details.

Early Warning to TruPS Pools

  • In the past few years at least four bank holding companies have opted, successfully, to use a particular section of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code - section 363 in order to recapitalize a subsidiary bank. Click here for more details.

Knowing your bank will become extremely critical after December 31, 2012.

  • The Transaction Account Guarantee Program (TAG Program) expired on December 31, 2012. This FDIC program guaranteed certain transaction accounts, including transaction accounts for consumers and businesses without a cap - unlike the usual $250,000 limit. Please Click here to view

400 Community Banks - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

  • With increasing regulatory burden, historical low yields, and uncertainty in the economy, many community banks are looking for a way out. Please Click here to view

The Banking Industry Has Almost Recovered

  • The Banking industry has almost recovered, why not the economy? Please Click here to view

No More Megabanks: 19 Is Enough

  • As seen in the Wednesday September 14th edition of the American Banker. Please Click here to view

Boston Business Journal

  • Lists June 25 - July 1, 2010. Please Click here to view

When is a Bank - Too Big?

  • Two objective measures, Return on Assets, and Safety and Soundness, help determine the answer. Please Click here to view

Milton's Memo Area

A Decade of Change

FDIC data reveals that, for the nine months ended September 30, 2013, Insured banks reported an aggregate annualized return on equity of 9.5%, well beneath the 15.0% attained during the ten-year earlier period. Between those intervals, the industry Net Interest Margin, which is largely related to market interest rates, fell from 3.7% to 3.3%.

772 Problem Institutions:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's March 2012 Quarterly Banking Profile states that, as of that date, the Agency categorized 772 banks and thrifts as "problem" institutions.

FED Stress Test - a simpler model Memo:

In her March 22nd "American Banker" Editor At Large column, entitled "Fed Stress Tests Are More Mess than Early Warning", Barbara Rehm states:

Briefing Memo:

You should definitely check out the Briefing Report. This multi-page analysis of any bank, thrift, or credit union will provide you with insight into the VERIBANC rating as well as what an examiner would look for.

Moral Hazard Memo:

A recent edition of the "American Banker" described how, in 1932, Judge E.S. Richards, then president of the East New York Savings Bank reacted to the threat of a run by stating:
Deposit Insurance Reform Memo:

As a response to the nation's thrift crisis, originating more than thirty years ago, the National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement provided to the President and Congress a report entitled "Origins and Causes of the S&L Debacle: A Blueprint for Reform."

Data Availability (Explanation Video)
Institution Type Latest Quarter Ratings Effective Date # New Data Expected
Commercial and Savings Banks Dec 31, 2016 Apr 5, 2017 Next new information is expected the first week of June.
Credit Unions Dec 31, 2016 Apr 5, 2017
# Effective Date - Date ratings were last updated.


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